The Refuge in Hot Springs

The Refuge can help you find redemption from domestic abuse

Do You Need a Refuge?

The Refuge is a ministry that helps survivors of domestic abuse find redemption from oppression. We come alongside survivors and offer them a number of resources, including a support group. Whether you have little or no church background, or you have been a Christian for some time, we encourage you to contact our Titus Women by phone (406-741-2451) or email ( You can also find support and additional programs at Refuge Ministries, of which we are a branch.

Is Your Relationship Healthy?

A relationship is not healthy when . . .
  • You are belittled.
  • You are threatened.
  • You are slapped, pushed, kicked, or hurt.
  • You are kept away from your family and friends.
  • There is extreme possessiveness or jealousy.
  • Your partner insists on being together all the time, or on monitoring what you do when you are alone.
  • You, your family, your work, your church, and your friends are disrespected.
  • Your opinions are ignored; your likes and dislikes count for nothing.
  • You are called names that are embarrassing or hurtful.
  • You are blamed for all problems.

If you answered “yes” to two or more of these questions, you may be in an abusive relationship. Domestic abuse is a form of oppression. It occurs when a person controls and dominates their partner through a variety of behaviors, including intimidation, manipulation, and verbal assault. Violence is often involved, but a person does not have to be violent for the relationship to be abusive.

Phone: (406) 741-2451
Location: 700 1st Avenue South, Hot Springs, Montana 59845

All communication is confidential.